Spis ogólny Bronie
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
Spis alfabetyczny
Broń biała
Fist (CW - HUD) Night Stick (CW - HUD) Chainsaw (CW - HUD) Baseball Bat (CW - HUD)
Fist Night Stick Chainsaw Baseball Bat
Teaser (CW - HUD) Sword (CW - HUD)
Teaser Sword
Pistol (CW - HUD) Twin Pistol (CW - HUD) Revolver (CW - HUD)
Pistol Twin Pistol Revolver
Shotgun (CW - HUD) Stubby Shotgun (CW - HUD) Double Barreled Shotgun (CW)
Shotgun Stubby Shotgun Double Barreled
Pistolety maszynowe
Micro SMG (CW - HUD) SMG (CW - HUD)
Karabiny szturmowe
AK-47 (CW - HUD) Carbine Rifle (CW - HUD)
Assault Rifle Carbine Rifle
Broń ciężka
Flamethrower (CW - HUD) Minigun (CW - HUD) Rocket Launcher (CW - HUD)
Flamethrower Minigun Rocket Launcher
Broń rzucana
Molotov Cocktail (CW - HUD) Grenade (CW - HUD) Flashbang (CW - HUD) Proximity Mine (CW - HUD)
Molotov Cocktail Grenade Flashbang Proximity Mine
Karabin snajperski
Sniper Rifle (CW - HUD)
Sniper Rifle

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